BIKO:  is a Pinoy rice cake made from sticky rice (locally known as malagkit),fresh coconut milk, and brown sugar with caramel topping or latik.

This is referred to as kakanin (derived from the word “kanin” which means rice) and is often eaten as  meryenda (mid-afternoon snack).Traditionally, this delicious rice cake is placed over banana leaves in a bilao (round woven bamboo tray) and garnished with latik (cooked coconut milk residue) on top.

Biko is usually served during birthday parties, fiestas, Christmas, New Year and other celebrated events in Philippines.



  • 3 cups glutinous rice (aka sticky rice or malagkit)
  • 1 cup coconut milk Pangalawang gata
  • 1 whole panutsa or 2 cups brown sugar
  • 4 cups coconut milk
  • 1/2 tsp salt


1. Combine the sticky rice and coconut milk(pangalawang gata) in a rice cooker and cook until the rice is ready (we intentionally combined lesser amount of coconut milk than the usual so that the rice will not be fully cooked)

2. While the rice is cooking, Make a Latik, combine the coconut milk in a separate pot and cook in low heat until it becomes latik. Stir constantly.

3. Combine the coconut milk with brown sugar and salt in a separate pot and cook in low heat until the texture becomes thick. Stir constantly. Once the rice is cooked and the coconut milk-sugar mixture is thick enough, add the cooked rice in the coconut milk and sugar mixture then mix well. Continue cooking until all the liquid evaporates (but do not overcook).

4. Place the cooked biko in a serving plate then flatten the surface.

5. Share and Enjoy!